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Our Personal Insurance Portfolio includes a variety of coverages that homeowners and renters are in need of.  They include:




Personal Insurance coverage is of utmost importance to insure your interests are protected.  For example, owning a home or mobile home, whether it is mortgaged or entirely paid off, is for most people the largest investment of their life.  Perils such as fire, bodily injury, wind damage from hurricanes, flooding due to storms, trees falling, lightning, and the list could go on, are all possibilities that could be catastrophic for those without insurance.  That’s why it is of utmost importance that you discuss with your agent the importance of insuring your property is sufficiently insured so that your interests be protected.


To the above, we can add car insurance, which is also a requirement by State Law as well as a necessity in case your vehicle is damaged as well as your liability towards others involved.  Then if you own a boat, an ATV, motorcycle or any other type of motor vehicle, those as well must be protected as well as your potential liability in case of accident.


Finally, life insurance protects your family in case of death.  Day in and day out, we hear of people losing their life and without insurance, it leaves their loved ones with financial disasters that could entirely change their lifestyle.  Life insurance allows for providing financial support to your loved ones in such cases.

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