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Whether you have a single family home or mobile home, understanding what is & isn’t covered in your homeowners policy can mean the difference of being able to rebuild your home & replace your personal belongings. Typical homeowner’s policies cover damage resulting in fire, windstorm, hail, water damage (excluding flood), theft & liability as well as other causes of loss, other structures to your property and contents.


We are here to help you understand what is $ isn’t covered by your homeowners insurance policy to ensure that you are able to rebuild your home & replace your personal belongings if the situation arises.


A few tips:

Most lenders require a homeowner to cover their home for their loan value. Make sure you cover your home for the amount it would cost to rebuild it.


Make sure you cover your belongings at replacement cost & not actual cash value. Replacement cost pays the dollar amount needed to replace personal items damaged with items of like kind or quality without deduction of deprivation. Actual cash value pays an amount equal to the replacement value minus depreciation.


We cover:

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